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Simple removal of product
Altering on-model apparel for inventory alignment
Color alterations for inventory alignment
Creating authentic imagery with product-page photography
Highlighting trends (lounge women’s) featuring many product-page images
Shot on white sheets, then tie dye was digitally added
Touchups, lighting & color correction
Color correction for UV blacklight product
Color correction & effects
Removal of model/product to align with inventory
Merging two photos, into one final ad
Photomanipulation to enlarge products
Background scenery change
Removing product and rebuilding missing information
Altering on-model apparel for inventory alignment
Removing product, adding new product, and arranging
Showing breadth of product by featuring many product-page images
On-model product photography provides even more inspirational options
Color correction & background effects
Background effects & sku additions
Effects & photomanipulation
Manipulating a portrait image into a landscape ad
Creation of ads when no physical product is available

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